Christina Perri says having a Postpartum body without the baby was devastating 1 month ago

Christina Perri says having a Postpartum body without the baby was devastating

Perri lost her baby daughter at 33 weeks.

A year on from the heartbreaking loss of her baby, singer Christina Perri says that looking at her Postpartum body afterwards was one of the hardest parts.

The Jar of Hearts singer gave birth to her daughter Rosie who she describes as being 'born silent' last November.

The 35-year-old mother says that having a Postpartum body without having her baby was one of the most difficult parts of losing Rosie.

Speaking in a recent interview Perri said she would get mad looking at herself;

"One of the hardest parts was having the postpartum body without the baby. Looking like I just had a baby, and not having the baby.

I actually would get mad when I looked at myself. It was a reminder, every time, of not having her.

I have done so much work to be able to talk about it."


Perri announced earlier this month that she has been working on an album in memory of her daughter entitled Songs for Rosie;

"My daughter, Rosie, was born silent on november 24th 2020.

I was already planning on making this lullaby album for her, as her big sister Carmella has one too!

I thought it was especially important to still do it.

Rosie’s short and powerful life already served such a huge purpose in our world, and she has lovingly changed me, Paul and Carmella forever.

We are more capable of love and compassion than we ever knew we could be.

We learned how to hold space for loss and how to navigate unimaginable grief together and music always heals.

Releasing these songs for rosie is so important for our hearts."

Perri is also mother to three-year-old daughter Carmella.

The Songs for Rosie album is now available to buy and listen to online.