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19th Sep 2018

Corrie’s Josh Tucker set for shocking new romance storyline

This will come as a surprise.

As Coronation Street fans may be aware, Josh Tucker became a much-hated villain on the popular soap after raping David Platt.

The upsetting scenes were difficult to watch and the aftermath was also devastating for David as Josh denied everything, saying that it was a one-night stand and completely consensual.

This led to David pushing away those closest to him, even breaking up with his girlfriend Shona.

As regular viewers will know, Josh was recently involved in a fight and has only just come out of a coma.

According to Digital Spy, he will now turn to Billy Mayhew as he has no one else to rely on, with no family or friends to aid his recovery.

Billy is reluctant to have Josh move in but Sean shows no reservations and even goes as far as to point him in the direction of a potential love interest.

Sean isn’t aware of the evil attack Josh subjected David to and so, he thinks that Emma Brooker and Josh could get on well.

However, Billy quickly objects to this idea and after chatting with David, he realises that he has to tell Josh to leave.

These scenes air from next Wednesday, September 26 and Coronation Street fans are sure to want to tune in.