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18th Dec 2018

Corrie’s Peter Barlow faces choosing between two family members

Jade Hayden

Upsetting scenes ahead.

Peter Barlow faces losing his son in upcoming scenes that are sure to wrench even the coldest of hearts.

The former landlord is set to have a rough enough few months of it on Coronation Street as he and son Simon deal with a boat fire that nearly kills both of them, as well as the impending factory collapse. 

That’s not all Peter’s got on his plate though, as he faces a decision that could affect the course of his life forever.

The show’s new producer Iain MacLeod already revealed that Peter and Carla were going to be very involved in the factory’s collapse – and that out of the ashes will a new villain arise – but now, MacLeod has also said that Peter is going to have to choose between Carla and his son.

Grim enough sitch.

The producer told The Sun that the decision is a question of loyalty, and that it’s unlikely Peter will get to keep both people in his life.

“Peter will have a big test of loyalty and will be torn between his loyalty to his son and his love for Carla,” he said.

“Basically they make a very mature decision on New Year’s Eve that maybe their relationship will forever be doomed to fail.”

Following this decision, Peter and Carla decided to try and continue on as friends, but the factory collapse throws all of this into disarray as Carla’s mental health begins to deteriorate.

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