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24th Jul 2017

This 5-year-old dancing to a Grafton Street busker will brighten your Monday

Giving us all the feels.

This little girl is our new spirit animal…

Listen, we’ve all been there.

The music just takes control, you suddenly lose all mental capacity of your own body, and the dance just consumes you.


Anyways, despite there being quite a few people watching on this sunny Sunday afternoon on Dublin’s busiest street, five-year-old Amelia couldn’t help herself when she heard a busker on the street, and decided to have a little bop right there beside him.

Once the jam was over though, she went straight back to her mammy Janice (who was kind enough to share the video with us), and she got a little cheer by the passers-by, too.

If nothing else, she probably helped that busker get a couple of extra quid, and definitely put a smile on everyone’s face who happened to be there.