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27th Sep 2017

David Attenborough is coming BACK with a new show

Scheduled for release early next year..

Denise Curtin

BBC has announced that our favourite naturalist David Attenborough, has a brand new documentary on the way.

The documentary will focus on the bittersweet story of the Victorian elephant that inspired the movie Dumbo.

Jumbo: The Life of an Elephant Superstar, will examine the bones of Jumbo the elephant who became a firm favourite of Queen Victoria after he arrived at London Zoo in 1865. In this one hour episode, he will be given unique access to Jumbo’s skeleton at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

The documentary will pay particular attention to the rise and fall of the elephant. Beginning at his rise to fame which saw him turn into star that 20 million people came to see, to the end of his life when he tragically and mysteriously died.

Attenborough will try and explain they mystery of how the animal died and ask questions about what captivity did to Jumbo’s state of mind.

Besides focusing on Jumbo, the documentary will also look at the lives of wild elephants as he tries to explain how our attitude towards captive elephants has changed dramatically in recent years.

With Attenborough’s return scheduled for early next year, we cannot wait to see the 91-year-old legend back on our screens. Now, time for a Planet Earth marathon to prepare ourselves.