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19th Oct 2023

Social welfare: Date announced for double Child Benefit payment and how to claim

Jody Coffey

The date for the double Child Benefit payment has been confirmed and it’s just around the corner.

Around 650,000 families will receive the double Child Benefit following the government’s announcement of Budget 2024’s cost of living package.

A number of groups will benefit from lump sums and double bonuses over the next few weeks, with the double Child Benefit payment confirmed for December 5th.

On this day, parents will also receive their usual payment.

The Child Benefit payment, in respect of 1.2 million children in Ireland, is €140 per child but on this date, parents will get €280 per child.

No application needs to be made for this double payment if you are already in receipt of the Child Benefit, meaning parents will automatically have it paid to them.

Discussing the cost of living package, Minister for Social Protection, Heather Humprehys acknowledged the struggles ‘to make ends meet at the moment’ and hopes that bringing forward ‘this series of nine lump sum payments’ will help to support people.

“These payments, totalling over €1.2 Billion, will support our pensioners, carers, people with disabilities and families over the coming months. The payment schedule I am announcing today is designed to give people certainty and some peace of mind so they know exactly when these supports will be made to them.

“Budget 2024 represents the largest social protection budget package in the history of the State. The mix of lump-sum payments to support people over the winter months, together with the increases in weekly rates and range of targeted measures is designed to help people through the current cost of living challenges we are facing.”

Minister Humprehys announced there will also be a €100 cost of living lump sum payment per child for people receiving an Increase for a Qualified Child on their social welfare payment, and this will commence from November 27th, in respect of 370,000 children.

From November 20th, a €400 lump sum Working Family Payment will be paid to 46,000 families in Ireland.