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31st Jan 2018

Where is Dublin’s new town ‘Clonburris’? Here is everything you need to know

Transport? Schools? Location?

Olivia Hayes

Dublin is expanding, mamas.

Yep, Dublin is getting a new town, and it’s going to house 21,000 people (apparently).

It has been a while since Dublin has expanded so vastly, so it’s fair enough we have a few questions about it.

They go from menial questions such as, ‘When will it actually happen?’ to more serious questions, like ‘What will it mean for the rest of the city?’ and ‘What about transport and schools?’.

And while we won’t be able to answer every question, this will give you a good idea about what exactly is going on with Clonburris.

Well, the brand new town is expected to get the go ahead this week after discussions with South Dublin county councillors.

If approved, the 280 hectare town will house up to 21,000 people and be situated close to Lucan, Clondalkin and Liffey Valley.

The Irish Times reports that if the town gets the go-ahead, then builders will be able to start construction of more than 8,400 homes immediately.

Developer Cairn Homes believes that the houses will cost less than €300,000.

But what about public transport? No point having a new town with no buses or trains out of it, right?


Well, turns out that it’s the perfect place for commuters as two train stations run through it; the Clondalkin-Fonthill station is operational and the Kishogue station will begin service in the coming months.

While the majority are for Clonburris being built, Adamstown residents believe the plans are too vague and don’t include enough details about local schools.

However, the Clonburris development website states that there will be eight school in the area.

They also believe two train stations are not adequate transport.

The developers believe that Clonburris will reach its full potential in the next decade.