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23rd Mar 2019

Emmerdale viewers have a theory about Lisa Dingle’s death

Jade Hayden

Ah, now.

A few weeks back, it was confirmed that the one, the only, the breathtakingly iconic Lisa Dingle was going to be killed off in Emmerdale.Β 

It was sad news for all involved, as fans learned that the Dale veteran had been diagnosed with a terminal heart condition as she asked her niece to write her eulogy.

Tragic enough news for all involved.

Since then, viewers have been hypothesising as to how and when Lisa is actually going to pass – and what they’ve come up with is genuinely heartbreaking.

And lovely. But also heartbreaking.

Lisa’s other niece Chas recently discovered that she was pregnant again after losing her first baby to a rare genetic condition that would not allow the infant to survive outside the womb.

She and Paddy, however, are expecting again and fans are convinced that Lisa is going to die on the same day that Chas gives birth.

We told you it was grim. But nice. But also grim.

They’ve taken to Twitter dot com to share their thoughts.

You know what, lads? You’re probably onto something there.

The soap have yet to confirm when exactly Lisa will be written out of the show, but for actor Jane Cox, the scenes couldn’t be far enough away.

“Lisa is so close to my heart as she’s been such a huge part of my life for the past more than 23 years,” she said.

“So I know I will shed more than a few tears when it comes to filming her final scenes.”

“But I’m really looking forward to my return to the show to tell this story and to give the character of Lisa a deserving farewell. I will miss her.”

Us too, Jane. Us too.