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02nd Apr 2019

Emmerdale’s Maya called for meeting with headteacher about her ‘performance’ at work

Jade Hayden

If “performance” means “having a physical relationship with a student who is also your fella’s son” then yeah, sure.

Maya is about to have a bit of a mild panic next week as she’s called in for a chat with her school’s headteacher.

Afraid that the meeting is going to be about the grooming and inevitable ruining of her student’s life, she of course is pretty worried about it.

However, the headteacher simply wants to have a chat about Maya’s performance as a teacher, not her performance as an evil pervert. 


These scenes are set to kick off in the Dale next week, after Maya tries to make Jacob jealous by openly flirting with one of his mates… because she is evil.

Things get get even more complicated for the, eh, pair when Jacob’s girlfriend Liv decides to tell Jacob that she wants to have sex with him despite being asexual.

Liv is afraid that Jacob is losing interest in their relationship because she isn’t interest in the physical aspects, which actually isn’t true in fairness to him.

He’s just interested in the physical aspects with someone else. His da’s girlfriend.

In the middle of all of this, Jacob decides to tell Maya things are over between them, naturally leading to Maya putting more pressure on the teenager to keep the affair going.

… Which he of course agrees to because he’s Jacob and he’s being groomed and none of this is his fault.

C’mon guys, it’ll be over soon.

It has to be.