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11th Jun 2019

Emmerdale’s Maya is still grooming Jacob despite her looming court case

Jade Hayden

Give it a rest, love.

A few weeks back, the whole Maya and Jacob thing came to a fortunate end.

Or so we thought.

The paedophile teacher and her schoolboy victim were caught out during the Big Night Out, leaving the rest of the Dale absolutely shook and Maya in a fair amount of danger.

Because she’s grooming a young boy, so it’s warranted.

Between then and now, Maya has been pretty much torn a new one by everyone around her, including David Metcalfe who took it upon himself to go in on her once he discovered what she had been doing to his son.

While he’s struggling to deal with everything that has happened by seeing a therapist, Jacob sees a video of Maya being confronted by a group of girls over her grooming.

He rushes to the scene to, ahem, rescue her, only to be told to leave her alone, that they shouldn’t be seen together, that it’s wrong, etc.

This, of course, doesn’t last long as Maya eventually asks Jacob to hop into her car where they the share a kiss.

Because yeah, that’s definitely a good idea ahead of your genuine court case next week, hun.

Maya breaks down and tells Jacob all of her fears for the future – not being able to be with him, losing the love of her life, being sent to prison for the sexual abuse of minor.

In that order.

These scenes are set to kick off ahead of Maya’s looming court case next week, where she will tried for her actions.

It remains unclear as to whether Jacob will be testifying against her, but right now it’s looking fairly unlikely.

We can only hope that he has a change of heart and tears her a new one too.

Only time will tell.