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28th Nov 2022

Amy Huberman marks six months without her dad in Instagram post

Sarah McKenna Barry

“Can’t believe it’s six months already.”

Six months following the loss of her dad Harold, Amy Huberman has paid tribute in a sweet post on Instagram.

The Harry Wild actress posted a photo of her dad on her Instagram grid and wrote: “Can’t believe it’s six months already, and also can’t believe it’s only six months.

“I miss your messing & advice, miss you every day Dad. Hope you’re making them laugh wherever you are.”

In the comments, Amy was met with messages of support.

Maia Dunphy, who lost her mum earlier this year, wrote: “I hate the months passing. It’s awful to feel we’re moving away from when we had them here.”

Deadly Cuts star Victoria Smurfit wrote: “That’s a poppety poppety that will ALWAYS be with you. You are him, he is you.”

Harold Huberman passed away this year after being sick with Parkinson’s disease.

Previously, on Doireann Garrihy’s Laughs Of Your Life podcast, she spoke about how the pandemic was a particularly difficult time for her family.

She said: “He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s probably nine years ago at this stage and he’s had really bad health over the last two years, which has been really sh*t because of Covid. He is in full time care at the moment. I haven’t been able to see him a huge amount, but we can now but that’s been really hard.

“It has separated my family unit. Because it had to. It’s been a real slow drawn-out process where his ill health has robbed him of time at this particular time with his grandkids. So that has been my no laughing matter.

“I’ve had this luxury time with my kids and my husband and that has been lovely, but the flipside is of being robbed of time with them when I feel like there isn’t endless time left. So that has been really, really hard and I get so emotional about it.”