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09th Jul 2021

You can now get a Fleabag themed gin

Sarah McKenna Barry

Each bottle features a hand-written note from the Hot Priest himself.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge has just launched a specialty gin inspired by her hit comedy series Fleabag.

The product is a collaboration between the writer and Edinburgh Gin. Through it, Waller-Bridge is hoping to raise some money to support the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Each bottle of Fleabag gin is adorned with a screen-printed label, and a note that is hand-written by actor Andrew Scott. The message reads, “I love you,” and “It’ll pass,” – a nod to the dialogue between Fleabag and Hot Priest during the show’s closing scene.

Waller-Bridge hopes to raise £150,000 (€175,000) for next year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Fleabag had its debut as a one-woman show at the iconic theatre festival in 2013.

Earlier this year, Waller-Bridge was chosen to be the first president of Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society.

In announcing her collaboration with Edinburgh Gin, Waller-Bridge said: “Gin and theatre are my two great loves.

“We wanted this bottle to capture a glimpse of Edinburgh in all her mystery and wonder, through the eyes of Fleabag, who found her first home there.”

She continued: “I hope every purchase inspires outrageous and creative conversations over ice while bringing the beloved Fringe festival back to life.

“It’s important to add that Andrew Scott handwrote a message on the bottle… it that isn’t incentive enough to hunt one down and hold it against your cheek, I don’t know what is.”

Shona McCarthy, the society’s chief executive welcomed the collaboration.

“The Fringe is known for being the greatest celebration of arts and culture on the planet, and that’s in no small part due to the brilliant artists that make it happen every year.”

Ms McCarthy continued: “Artists tell vital stories, help us make sense of things, and make Edinburgh an even more magical place to be in August.

“As we look to rebuild the Fringe, it’s essential that artists are supported to recover.

“This collaboration between the Fringe Society, Edinburgh Gin and Phoebe Waller-Bridge will be a much-needed lifeline to so many Fringe artists, it will enable them to get back to doing what they do best.”

To access the pre-sale page for the Fleabag gin, head to the website right here.