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22nd Oct 2021

This dog can fetch cocktails for its owner when it hears “gin o’clock”

Ellen Fitzpatrick

We all need a dog like this in our lives.

A dog in the UK has been trained to fetch its owner a cocktail on command, and all she has to say is a few little words.

Janice Cousins from Weston-super-Mare in Somerset was working on her garden and giving it some new life when she decided she needed a break from the hard work.

Turning to her Labrador Bear, the 64 year old has trained the dog to get her a cocktail every time she says “it’s now gin o’clock”, and he simply runs off to the kitchen.

Joking that it’s scary that Bear knows what gin is, he still comes back to her within 20 seconds with a can of pre-made Tanqueray gin and tonic.

The retired post lady told The Mirror: “The command for Bear to pick anything up is his name. He won’t normally go and collect anything until he hears that.

“On this occasion though he trotted off on ‘gin o’clock’ and grabbed me a can. It was amazing and very useful.

“He’s done it before with beer, cider and even bottles of wine. He’s a good lad. He works for biscuits so he’s always willing to help out.”

Explaining that she and her husband had trained the pooch with gun dog training methods, she said that no matter what the object is, her dog will go and get it.

She said that even if it comes down to a pile of 10 of his toys, if she was to point to a specific one, he would get it, pointing out how intelligent the canine is.

Janice added that after going through hip surgery and teaching her dog to pick up his own bowl and hand it to her so she could feed him helped her out a lot, and the tricks went from there.