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11th Sep 2023

‘It puts the world in perspective’ – Dermot O’Leary opens up about being a dad at 50

Jody Coffey

This Morning host Dermot O’Leary has spoken candidly about being a 50-year-old dad with a toddler, describing the experience as ‘full on.’

Dermot and his wife, Dee Koppang O’Leary, welcomed their son, Kasper, in June 2020. The couple got engaged in New York in December 2011, before tying the knot the following year.

Speaking about fatherhood to The Times, he said his priorities have changed and that it requires a lot of energy from him.

“I turned 50 this year and being a dad to a three-year-old can be full-on. A mate who had twins just before Kasper arrived told me, ‘Don’t worry about how old you are, just make sure you stay in shape.’

“And he’s right. I took Kasper to the RAF Museum the other week and it was like an Olympic sprint, dashing from one exhibit to the next. As soon as we came out he said: “Can we go round again?”‘

The former X Factor host also expressed his love of family time, despite conflicting work schedules, and told the outlet how much he enjoys and appreciates the little things.

“Dee’s work means that we’re not always together but, those evenings when we are, we make the most of spending proper time together as a family.

“I can’t understand those parents who don’t enjoy changing nappies or crawling around on the carpet pretending to be a racing car. Isn’t that the absolute joy of being a parent?”

The This Morning presenter also added that becoming a father changed his priorities in life.

“Having a child has changed what I want from life and what makes me happy. Do I need another car? The latest gadget? A bit of vintage Van Morrison vinyl?

“No, forget the material stuff. What I want is to be with the people I love. Being a dad puts the world in perspective.”