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09th Jun 2021

Everyone’s arguing about what the crowd in this video are actually saying

Laura Cunningham

What do you hear?

TikToker @kegan_styles has hit upon the latest internet debate.

In a video that’s been played 11.5m times at last count, a crowd shouting a football chant can be heard saying one of a few things suggested by Kegan.

@kegan_stiles##BestSeatInTheHouse ##PerfectAsWeAre ##foryou ##fyp ##trend ##kegan Here’s another one!♬ That Is Embarrassing – Derby County FC FanChants & DCFC Fans Songs

Some people are hearing ‘Baptism Piracy’, others say it’s ‘Bart Simpson Bouncing.

After a straw poll, and some arguments, ‘That Is Embarrassing’ is winning out amongst the HerFamily team and seems the most likely correct answer… But not everyone can hear it.

This is the blue/gold dress and pink/grey trainers all over again!

And let’s not forget the great Yanny / Laurel debate.

And last, but by no means least the Brainstorm / Green Needle argument. We hear this differently every time we listen to it!

Our brains hurt.

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