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04th Mar 2022

Are Jason and Kylie coming back to Neighbours for the finale?

Ellen Fitzpatrick

This better happen…

This week we all received the terrible news that Neighbours would be ending after 37 years on our screens, but there is some good news following it.

Former Neighbours star Jason Donovan has hinted at a “possibility” that he and Kylie Minogue will reunite for the final episodes of the soap.

The show confirmed yesterday that it will be ending as production company Fremantle Media have been unsuccessful in finding a new home for the show.

A number of famous faces made a name for themselves on the show, with the likes of Margot Robbie, Russell Crowe, Chris and Liam Hemsworth appearing in the soap as well as Jason and Kylie.

Speaking about the show ending, Jason said it was very sad for him but he is thankful for the platform it gave him.

“It’s sad. You know, a day rarely goes by where I don’t refer back to it, so I’m very grateful for it,” he told 98FM’s Big Breakfast with Rebecca and Brendan.

“This is 36 years of great television and 36 years of putting Australia firmly on the map. I mean look at the careers that it’s launched.

“So I’m thinking of the positives and I’m thinking of the happiness and the affection and the love that the show has generated for the years it’s been on TV.”

Many fans are placing their bets on Jason and Kylie making their return to the series as it comes to an end, and Jason seemed to have a hard time denying it.

He said: “Well look, I’m not going to say there hasn’t been a discussion about it because you know there is a possibility. But I can’t say it’s gonna happen because that wouldn’t be the truth. so I don’t know is the answer to that.

“I think this might be a little bit different, so look let’s see. But if it doesn’t happen, that doesn’t make me sad either.

“It’s a celebration of a great Australian television series and it’s kept my family in business for the past three decades.”

Kylie and Jason played the roles of Scott and Charlene Robinson, two of the soaps’ much loved characters.