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10th Jul 2023

‘Your heart breaks in two’: Neighbours actress Olympia Valance heartbroken after miscarrying twins

Warning: This article mentions miscarriage and baby loss

Olympia Valance lost twin babies during the pandemic.

Neighbours actress Olympia Valance has opened up about losing her twins. The actress, who is best known for playing Paige Smith in the soap, suffered a miscarriage during the Covid-19 pandemic.

She said it was an “excruciatingly painful” loss.

The actress has not been able to conceive since suffering a miscarriage. She said she still dreams of becoming a mum and will do everything in her power to make that dream come true.

Speaking on Instagram, she said: “Since then, we haven’t been able to conceive. That would be two years of really trying. For any woman or couple trying to get pregnant, there is no worse pain than every month looking down at that negative pregnancy test. Your heart breaks in two.”

She explained that she does not want to go down the IVF route because of the extra hormones.

“I want babies and I will do everything in my power to get them,” she added.

The actress said she was nervous about sharing her vulnerabilities but hopes it will help other people who are struggling to conceive.

“For any woman or couple out there that are trying to get pregnant, there is no worse pain than looking down at those negative pregnancy tests – your heart breaks in two. I’ve been petrified to go down the IVF path as I’ve never been good with hormones.

“Adding more hormones into my already raging cycle scares the absolute shit out of me,” she shared.

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