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27th May 2022

Stacey Solomon slams ‘one night of freedom’ stag-do ahead of wedding

Kat O'Connor

“If you want to be with another woman then don’t marry me.”

Stacey Solomon has spoken out against men who treat stag-dos as ‘one night of freedom’.

The mum-of-four is set to marry Joe Swash later this summer but has spoken out about people who cheat before their wedding.

She slammed the notion that it is acceptable to have ‘one night of freedom’ before tying the knot.

When asked if men should be given leeway for their stag do Stacey said “absolutely not”.

“Go and have fun but the thing is why would you want to be with another woman. If you want to be with another woman then don’t marry me.”

She admitted she’s slightly worried about future husband Joe’s stag.

The presenter stated that it is so easy for the newspapers to spread rumours.

She said any woman could go up to Joe on his stag-do and they can then “make it look like they want”.

“So, I said to Joe, ‘good luck having a good stag do'”.

“The journalists will be there seeing what you get up to and try to twist it and spin it.”

Solomon says she takes photos with a pinch of salt, especially when they’re taken by paparazzi or the public.

The former X Factor star is set to marry Swash in just 8 weeks’ time.

The couple is getting married at their home ‘Pickle Cottage’ in Essex.