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08th Mar 2024

Groom reveals new wife cheated on him with best man in brutal wedding speech


He even included pictures

A man spared no expense in getting revenge on his wife-to-be, he went ahead with the wedding and used his speech to reveal her infidelity.

Instead of dumping his fiancée after finding out about the infidelity, he opted instead to serve his revenge as cold as it comes. On his wedding day.

It turns out his wife-to-be was getting with his best man. So the pair got both-barrels on the wedding day.

Wales Online reports that the big-day blow-up came from The Unfiltered Bride host Georgie, who shared it with her co-host Beth on their latest podcast clip on TikTok.

Not surprisingly, the names of all the people involved have not been revealed.

Georgie said on the podcast: “I’ve got another story to tell you, I can’t tell you who told me because I’m not really allowed to tell the story.”

She went on to say that the bride and groom went through with the ceremony. That it was “lovely”. There were drinks. A reception. Everyone sat down and had food. Then came the speeches.

“Father of the bride does his thing,” Georgie began, before continuing: “Groom stands up and says ‘just before I like properly get started, there’s envelopes coming round now if you could all open them up. Yeah, those are pictures of the bride f****** the best man, so I’ll be leaving now. “[He] drops the microphone and him and all his family knew about it, and left. Because they wanted the bride to have had to pay for the food.”

Georgie’s co-host, Beth, asked: “So the bride had to pay for everything?”

Georgie replied: “The bride’s family paid for everything. Karma is a b**** Karma is a b****, the best man as well!”

People had a lot to say about the story. One commenter was impressed with the groom’s timing calling him “a legend”. Another said “I’d do the same.”

A third joked: “Imagine the other guests just sitting there like, ‘so… will there still be cake or…’.”

However, there were some very valid questions as well: “But if they’re at the reception making speeches then they’ve already had the ceremony and he married her…”.