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17th Apr 2015

How old is too old to live with Mom and Dad?

In Croatia the average man finally gets his own place at 30

Looking forward to the day when your brood finally flies the nest? Well it could be a little later than you imagined.

A new survey reveals that Irish men live at home with their parents until the age of 26 and a half.

According to the Eurostat Being Young in Europe survey, women tend to start out on their own a little younger at 25.

In Croatia, Slovakia, Malta and Italy, the mean age of leaving the parental home was 30 or above. By contrast, young people in Sweden, Denmark and Finland left the parental home, on average, before the age of 23. The Netherlands and France both recorded a mean age of 24 for ‘flying the family nest’.

The decision of young people to leave the parental home can be affected by whether or not they are in a relationship, whether or not they are studying full-time, their level of financial independence, labour market conditions, living costs and the cost of housing.


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