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24th Jan 2019

Course for Irish sign language users to become primary school teachers introduced

Jade Hayden

Ireland’s first course for Irish Sign Language users to become primary school teachers has been introduced.

Dublin City University launched the course today, allowing people who are deaf and hard of hearing access to training to become a teacher in the deaf education sector.

Students who use Irish Sign Language (ISL) are now able to apply for the four year course through the CAO.

During the course, they will learn the basic tools of teaching, how to work with and encourage young children, and become specialists in deaf education.

Students will also engage in extended work placements in their third and fourth years of study, starting as an observer and eventually teaching full days.

According to DCU, students will “make a lasting impact on young deaf and hard of hearing children and on society.”

“The course will take your natural leadership abilities and fluid communication skills and equip you not only with subject knowledge, but also with the tools to motivate yourself and your students in the classroom.

“Our Bachelor of Education (ISL) course is designed to help you become a skilled and creative teacher.”

This is the first time that ISL has received full recognition within primary school teacher training. The languages traditionally needed to teach primary school have been Irish and English.

Applications for the course will remain open until February 1, 2019.

The course will not be offered in 2020 as it is a pilot programme.