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03rd Oct 2017

Maia Dunphy praises emergency services after son falls ill during the night

Louise Carroll

Maia Dunphy took to Twitter today to show gratitude towards emergency services, showering them with heaps of priase after a “grim night.”

The mum and TV producer was up all night with a very sick baby – a desperate situation as most parents will know.

Maia (41) was at home in Dublin with her 2-year-old little boy, Tom, when he fell very ill. It’s believed the tot was coughing constantly due to a childhood condition called croup.

Croup is a condition which affects the airways, causing a barking cough and breathing difficulties. It tends to affect boys more so than girls, according to the HSE.

Mum Maia was probably feeling extra panicked as husband Johnny Vegas was away in London at the time. Thankfully, those working in both the health and emergency services did an immense job and Maia was sure to have tireless hard work and good will known.