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04th Jun 2018

Meghan and Harry’s future children look set to make royal history

Jade Hayden

G’wan the lords.

Or ladies, whichever.

Meghan and Harry just got married like, three weeks ago or something, so it makes sense that they don’t have any children.

It hasn’t been very long, in fairness to them.

And while the pair haven’t openly expressed any desire to have kids (they might not want them at all lads, it’s 2018, you never know), chances are they probably will have a couple as time goes on.

And when (or if) they do, those children are looking set to make royal history.

Here’s why.

There’s a rule with royals in the UK that only sons born to royal parents get to inherit a title.

So for example, if Harry and Meghan had a baby boy, he would get to become a Duke and inherit the Dukedom and estate and whatever else came with that title.

However, if Harry and Meghan had a baby girl, she wouldn’t get to inherit the title of Duchess and would be left with nothing.

Well, not nothing, she’s still a royal, like. Just not as much as she would have gotten if she were a boy which is, you know, unfair.

Rather, this daughter would remain a lady and if her parents only had baby girls and no boys, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex title would die out with them.


However, as we have already previously noted, it is 2018 now, which means that Meghan and Harry’s hypothetical children look set to make royal history as the first baby royals to have the rules changed for them and save their family’s title from dying out entirely.

Before Princess Charlotte was born to Will and Kate, the Queen decided to step in and change the rule for them so Charlotte would be able to inherit her title alongside her brother.

The difference here however is that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge title wasn’t in danger of dying out with Will and Kate because Prince George was there first.

Charlotte became the first royal girl to maintain her place in line for the throne after her brother Louis was born too, meaning that unlike those who went before her, her gender didn’t make a difference in terms of her royal status.

It’s probably fairly likely then that the Queen will do the same for Meghan’s and Harry’s kids… Unless she decides to be totally not-sound, that is.

And seeing as Meghan’s got a line on the actual royal family website saying that she’s proud to be a feminist, her own daughter not being given a title would be a bit of a slap in the face.

Only time will tell though.