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14th Feb 2018

Meghan Markle broke royal protocol yesterday for the sweetest reason

Jade Hayden


There are plenty of things the royals aren’t permitted to do.

Wear nail varnish is one of them. Take their coat off in public if they’re a woman is another.

Both unnecessary, both severely outdated.

Another thing that the royal family aren’t allowed to do is be touched by members of the public without being prompted and, most notably, hug them.

That’s why you’ll never see Prince William throwing his arms around a Lapland worker in Finland or witness the Queen going in for an embrace with one of the thousands of people who show up to shake her hand.

It would be nice though if they did… a bit more human.

Looks like Meghan Markle has the same idea as us though because during an official visit to Edinburgh yesterday, the bride-to-be grabbed a homeless charity worker and gave her a big ol’ hug.

It was lovely.

The woman in question, Alice Thompson, is the co-founder of homeless charity Social Bite.

Journalist Omid Scobie said that Alice told Meghan that a speech she had given about feminism and empowerment in 2015 had inspired her.

Meghan then decided to hug Alice and Twitter user Phoebe Libbish caught it all on camera.

Alice responded to Pheobe’s tweet saying that she loved the picture of herself and Meghan too.

Insider reports that not touching members of the royal family comes down to security.

They said:

“Really it comes down to don’t touch a royal. I’m sure there’s lots of security reasons associated with it, but it’s just not befitting of their position.”

Meghan and Harry arrived at the Esplanade outside Edinburgh Castle yesterday and later travelled to Social Bite.

The couple will marry on May 19 in St George’s Chapel.