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08th Dec 2016

A Mermaid Academy Exists And Suddenly 2016 Has Redeemed Itself Massively

Amanda Cassidy


Oh, you want to be a mermaid? There is a school for that.

Your journey to being a mermaid (or merman) may now just be one class away. ‘Mermaiding’ has become the latest fad sport to hit pools, sports centers and dedicated water classes around the world in places like America, Singapore, and the Philippines.

The latest (and nearest) offering is in Cornwall in the UK, where FreeDive is offering the chance to channel your inner Ariel by learning to swish and swirl underwater, in true mermaid style.

The course revolves around learning to become comfortable under the water, while wearing a full, professional mermaid tail and fin.

For the most die-hard Splash fans, lessons include how to pose underwater, swim with your eyes open and generally to remain looking good despite being submerged. Their website promises:

“All courses are run with an accredited AIDA freediving instructor and our own resident mermaid”


There are three different levels and a Mermaid Certificate is awarded at the end of the four-day course.  Well, that will be a total framer. Right up there beside my degree.

Hello, new Christmas party venue. Who says fin-tasies can’t come true?

Does this excite you as much as me? Will we never do it together? Is it the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard? Let us know your thoughts and comments