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17th Jul 2018

Mum asks if she’s being unreasonable for going topless beside the kids pool on holiday

What is your stance on this?

A woman has taken to Mumsnet to argue her point about being topless while lying beside a kids pool.

She wrote:

“On holiday at an all inclusive hotel with kids club etc. Got some tan lines from my bikini so this afternoon took the bikini top off to try and sort them out. DH comes over and says it is inappropriate near the kids pool.

She argues that if a man can be topless, why can’t a woman?

“I said that he had his top off so why couldn’t I. He said because I was female.

“I didn’t put the bikini top back on but is it inappropriate? It’s just boobs?”

There was a lot of debate in the comments section, with some mums agreeing with her, and others not.

One said:

“OMG not the boobs! Shock horror!

“As a mother of four (and a hater of tan lines) I do not see the problem, and you should have shoved your hubby in the pool.”

However, another wrote:

“I think you’re an attention seeker. Most modest women would have covered up. Teenagers could have found it uncomfortable, especially lads. Like it or not breasts are sexualised and people respond to that, some physically. That is a non controllable response.

“Women don’t get turned on by men’s chests, but men get erections at women’s. That’s why you can’t walk down the supermarket boobs hanging out. Clearly you got off on that fact. Get to a nudist beach and I doubt you’d be bothered as it wouldn’t get a reaction.”

What do you think about this?