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19th Jun 2018

Mum ‘blacklisted’ by friends and family for reporting her husband for drink-driving

Keeley Ryan

“If you knew he was at that moment…”

A mum has told how she has been “shunned” by her family and friends after she reported her husband for drink-driving.

The woman explained that while it wasn’t the first time he had done it, it was the first time she had known about it while it was happening.

She was told by some of her children’s family members that she should be “grovelling for forgiveness” after what she did – and turned to the internet for advice to see if what she did was so wrong.

She wrote on Mumsnet:

“If you knew he was at that moment… would you call 999? I did and I’m the one to blame for his prosecution, according to him his friends and family and have been blacklisted.

“Unfortunately not the first time he’s done it but the first time I’ve known about it during.

“His job, life… my life, my children’s lives all affected by this. What would you have done?”

Parents were quick to reassure the mum that she had done the right thing, with some revealing they had also reported partners for similar things.

One person said:

“I would like to think I would do so, but it’s easier to say ‘yes I would’ from a theoretical perspective. I think you did the right thing, especially if you were not in a position to persuade him not to before he got in the car.

“If they’ve blacklisted you, they clearly can’t see what may have happened had there have been an incident. Their shortcomings, not yours.”

Someone else added:

“You did the right thing. I can tell it must be really uncomfortable for you. But he is wrong; his decision could have killed someone. I’m sorry you have been isolated.”

A different person wrote:

“Yes. My husband almost did and I said if he started the engine I will immediately ring 999 and he knew I was serious so he threw the keys and went for a walk.”