Mum shares image of sugar content in just one Creme Egg 1 year ago

Mum shares image of sugar content in just one Creme Egg

Ah, Easter – the most chocolate-filled holiday of them all.

I don't know about you, but I feel a little burst of childhood excitement at the thought of getting stuck into our stash of eggs (thank you, Easter Bunny!) come Sunday morning.

However, while we all know chocolate is not the healthiest thing you can be eating, I must admit I did feel a little shocked when I recently came across this image one UK mum shared of just how much sugar really IS in everyone's favourite Creme Egg.

A while back, Rebecca Bilham made the rather shocking discovery and took to her Facebook group, The Little Red Hut Home & Gifts, to share her revelation.

When looking at the ingredient list, Bilham realised that just ONE Creme Egg contains a whopping FIVE TEASPOONS of sugar, and makes the visual representation even more eye-opening when she puts the pile of sugar next to a two pence coin and an unopened egg.


Five teaspoons, guys – even though we all know chocolate contains sugar, that is still quite a lot, no?

I mean; especially when you take into account that the recommended maximum daily intake of sugar for kids is way less than this.

The photo quickly did the rounds on social media, with many shocked to find how much sugar really is in our favourite Easter treat. Others, however, were quick to point out that nobody eats a diet consisting of solely Creme Eggs and that moderation is the key when it comes to special treats.

What do you think? Is this image enough to put you off Creme Eggs? Or will you still be enjoying them this weekend?