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25th Jan 2018

Mum shocked after mistakenly getting mean message about herself from a friend

She wasn't sure what to do.

Keeley Ryan

They’ve been friends for 20 years.

But a mum was recently left shocked when her ‘pal’ sent a nasty message about her to a WhatsApp group…that she was a part of.

The Mumsnet user explained that she was contemplating ending their decades-long relationship after seeing the other woman’s scathing message.

She turned to the parenting forum for advice on how to deal with the awkward and uncomfortable situation.

She explained:

“I have a WhatsApp group with 6 of my closest friends who I’ve known since school. One of them posted on it this morning saying

“‘*my name* looks a state in her Facebook photos from last night. Why does she feel the need to wear such hideous clothes all the time’.

“It was obviously meant to be sent to someone else from the group, and not the whole group.

“My name is very unusual so she was definitely talking about me, and I also posted some new photos on FB last night.”

She decided to confront the so-called best friend in the group chat – and the woman tried to backtrack on her comment.

The Mumsnet user continued:

“I sent her a message saying ‘Thanks for that’ and she’s just replied saying ‘my mistake but don’t start making a song and dance out of it as I was only joking’.

“We have been friends for 20 years and I thought we would have grown out of being bitchy by now.

“I feel really crap knowing one of my best friends has been making fun of me.”

The forum users were quick to note the difference between the comment being called a “mistake” and the so-called friend “only joking”.

Many of the users offered support to the original poster, while urging her to drop the toxic “friend”.

One person said:

“Sorry but she’s an ex friend.

“If she thought you didn’t look good in clothes, why not kindly tell you that a long time ago.

“Or actually scrap that, a true friend accepts you regardless of how you look and doesn’t bitch about you.”

Another added:

“Her reaction is so typical of someone who has been caught out and immediately goes on the offenaive, trying to make you feel that you would be in the wrong if you overreacted.

“If a real friend had said something tactless and accidentally shared it with you this is not what their reaction would be. Their prime concern would be having hurt your feelings.

“She is not a friend. You don’t need her in your life.”

  Someone else commented:
“One thing I hate is people being nasty and then accusing the intended recipient of being ‘sensitive ‘.
“Her original crime was bad enough but to not whole heartedly apologise and make out you’re the one with the problem is completely bonkers.”