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12th Jun 2018

Mums take to online forum about local school owning a puppy

Olivia Hayes

Do you think it’s a bad idea?

Mothers have taken to Mumsnet to discuss a local school owning a puppy.

The mum explains that even though puppies can be calming and fun to be around, she’s concerned about the pups welfare and if it gets over-excited, things could take a bad turn.

Online user Rainbowtrees wrote: “Local school has a puppy. It’s a lovely idea yet puppies are far from calming! They are crazy, cute little bundles of fun – they can go from adorable to little devils in seconds especially when over stimulated.

“AIBU to think a puppy in a school is not a good idea? A dog over 1 who is known to be calm, has been tested with children and can cope with a busy environment yes a young puppy no way!”

Other users replied to say that they’re more concerned about the health and welfare of the dog.

“Definitely a bad idea! Our puppy goes BONKERS if he’s over-tired or over-stimulated. Generally he’s well behaved but if he needs to sleep he gets bitey and very mischievous. Fine for us at home but not great if he’s around children.”

However, looking more into it, other mothers noted that the pup is a therapy dog and will be living with the principal of the school.

“It’s a therapy dog who will be working with children with SEN, and will be living with the headmistress. I think it’s a good idea.”

And another wrote:

“Excellent idea. That can be very beneficial for SEN kids. The puppy HAS to start with kids because that’s how it learns. I’ve worked with disabled kids and the dogs and they are brilliant.”

What do you think, mamas? Is a pup in the school a good or bad idea?