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09th Apr 2024

Parents express their concerns after school puts lockable gates on toilets

Kat O'Connor

A school in England has come under fire after putting lockable gates on the toilets.

Parents are understandably furious over the supposed safety measure.

They claim it is stripping pupils of their human rights.

Hundred of Hoo Academy, Kent installed the lockable gates to prevent pupils from using the toilets during class.

However, parents are now calling for them to be removed.

They say their children are coming home with headaches because they cannot drink as much water.

According to Kent Online, parents are particularly concerned about girls who have their periods.

One mum told the publication, “It’s basic human rights to go to the toilet. Some students aren’t going to the toilet in the day and they have half an hour bus journey home before they can go.”

The school advises pupils to use the bathroom during lunch and break times.

It stressed that children can access the toilet, but they must follow the school rules.

The school explained that children can register for an “out of lesson” pass to go to the bathroom. The school has implemented this rule so they know where pupils are at all times.

But is it a bit excessive?

Children cannot time when they will need to use the bathroom. Young girls should be able to access the bathroom freely especially when they have their period.

“People are saying it’s like a prison. One mum said her daughter almost had an accident.”

As the mum above said, it is a basic human right.

The school says it encourages children to use the bathroom at “the most appropriate times to avoid lessons being disruptive”.

The school added, “Shutters are used on-site to prevent unauthorised use of the toilets when they are not supervised”.

According to the school, this is for safety reasons as well as avoiding vandalism.

The shutters allow “a clear view into the communal area of the toilet for staff when walking the site”.

“If a child needs to use the toilet then they are permitted to do so especially when they have a medical condition that may require it more frequently.”

Do you think the school is being unfair?