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11th Mar 2015

Nana knows best. Or does she? Survey suggests we’re starting to second-guess our Mums

38% of Irish mums don't agree with their own mother's advice

Katie Mythen-Lynch

For many of us, The Mammy is the first person we turn to for advice on everything from cooking a roast to dealing with nappy rash.

In a new survey however, one in three Irish mums admitted they felt that, when it comes to child rearing, their own parent’s advice is sometimes a little (whisper it…) outdated.

The nationwide Pampers #BabySleep survey found that more than a quarter of mums trust their friends experience more than their own mother and father’s. Seven out of ten Irish mums (70 per cent) turn to their own mother when seeking parenting advice for their first child, while 66 per cent get advice from other parents and friends, and 61 per cent turn to parenting websites.

When it comes to Baby Number Three, 59 per cent turn to other parents or friends before going to their mothers.

Almost two fifths (38 per cent) of mums in Ireland believe their own parent’s advice is sometimes outdated

Not that we’d ever tell them.