My neighbour's kid has been playing in our garden without permission- what should I do? 1 year ago

My neighbour's kid has been playing in our garden without permission- what should I do?

How would you feel if this was you?

Some of us have been blessed with neighbours who always collect your parcels when you're out and drop in a box of chocolates on Christmas. And some of us are living near people who wouldn't lend you a drop of milk when the shops are closed on a Sunday.

One woman has opened up about an ongoing issue with her neighbours.

She revealed her neighbour's daughter is always letting herself into their garden to play.

Without permission.

The woman has even come home to find the girl on her kid's trampoline.

Safe to say that kid is brazen.

The mum explained that she has been finding this dilemma tricky because the girl's mum sees no harm in it.

"Would you let kids play in your back garden if you or your children aren’t in?" she asked Mumsnet.


She said her 6 and 7-year-old kids have a trampoline and swing set in their garden.


"I don’t mind them bringing friends round. I'm just happy the bloody things getting used. They're off school this week so I booked a week off work to take them out and do some Halloween stuff. My back gate is quite high up and would need an adult to open it and I always make sure it’s closed at night or when we are out."

The mum said she went out with her family yesterday and when she got home her neighbour's daughter asked her daughter if she could play with her in the garden.

The mum explained to the girl that her daughter was too tired and it was raining, but maybe another day.

"The girl asked could she play out the back anyway. I said no and she left," she revealed.

The next day, the mum was heading out again when the girl knocked and asked to play. The mum said she could when they get home from their outing, and if it isn't raining and her children want to.

"I came home just now and noticed the back gate open so I went out and this girl was out our back.

The mum told her she can’t come out here when they aren’t home, but she said "her mum said it’s okay and her mum opened the gate."

The mum said she plans on putting a lock on her gate. She said her children don't even like playing with the girl and said she is really bossy.

Would you feel uncomfortable in her situation?