Netflix documentary on Jimmy Savile attracts backlash 1 year ago

Netflix documentary on Jimmy Savile attracts backlash

The trailer was released this week.

**Content warning: This article contains references to child sexual abuse.

Netflix is releasing a new documentary about Jimmy Savile, and viewers have already given them a piece of their mind over it.

Releasing the trailer on the streaming service earlier this week, Netflix has received backlash for the one-off show as it details how Savile hid his alleged crimes for decades.

Savile was one of the UK's most popular children's TV presenters and hosted shows like Top of the Pops and Jim’ll Fix It, before it emerged that hundreds had claimed he had sexually abused them when he died at 84 in 2011.

These allegations led police to believe he was a predatory sex offender and possibly one of Britain’s most prolific but never faced any consequences.

Netflix's new documentary focuses on how the broadcaster managed to hide his crimes over the years in the one-off titled Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story.

The synopsis reads: "He was a national treasure. After his death, he was exposed as a sexual predator, with over 450 sickening allegations of abuse.


"Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story examines archive footage to understand how he fooled an entire nation for decades."

Many viewers expressed concerns over the new documentary, claiming that "nobody asked for this" and they "don't need to revisit this."

One person wrote on Twitter: "The day Netflix realise they don’t need to make a documentary just for the sake of it will be a good day indeed. Nobody asked for this."

Another wrote: "This shouldn’t have been made ever. We all read the news, don’t revisit this. Pay respect to the victims. Nobody needs to know the worst extent of his abuse."

A third said: "Why do people feel the need to make things like this? Can’t be the only one that hates true crime documentaries that just bring back up horrific things for the victims and their families??"

While a fourth added: "You know what would be more radical and better? A documentary exploring the victims. Talking to them, and their families and how the police, the BBC, and society failed them."

This documentary comes after a drama based on Savile, starring Steve Coogan, was announced and also seen similar backlash. The three part BBC drama The Reckoning is set to air this year and will show his rise to fame and scandal after his death.