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24th Apr 2016

Newborn Baby Fatally Mauled By Family Pet

Sharyn Hayden

A bereaved family in San Diego, California, are coming to terms with the death of their three-day-old baby after their pet dog attacked him.

It is reported by ABC News that the parents were lying in bed at home with their newborn son and two-year-old pet, a neutered American Staffordshire terrier-mix, nearby.

This type of dog is described as “a cross between a pitfall terrier and a great dane”.

The mum coughed which startled the dog who proceeded to attack the baby.

Despite their best efforts to stop him and rushing their child to hospital, the devastated parents were told that their son was dead on arrival.

The dog has been impounded by Animal Control.

I report this as someone who has a dog who was with us before we had children, and despite always being grumpy about people telling me to ‘watch the dog’ around the baby – we always did.

This is such awful news for this family at a time when they should be enjoying their newborn and becoming parents for the first time.

We can’t imagine what they are going through.

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