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25th Jul 2016

Newly Unemployed Could Receive Higher Dole Payments

People who have paid more PRSI in a given year could be entitled to higher dole payments if they become unemployed.

Under a new planned scheme, which already has the support of Minister for Social Protection Leo Varadkar, people who lose their jobs would initially receive €215 a week for the first three months and €200 for the next three months. Anyone who is unemployed for more than six months would receive the standard €188 per week.

As things stand currently, to get Jobseeker’s Benefit you must be unemployed or have lost at least one day’s employment and as a result be unemployed for at least four days out of seven days. You may continue to get Jobseeker’s Benefit if you can only find part-time or casual work.

Where a Jobseeker’s Benefit recipient is working for part of a week, their entitlement is based on a five-day payment week. This means that for each day that a person is employed, 1/5th of the normal rate of Jobseeker’s Benefit is deducted.

Minister Varadkar is said to be considering implementing the new plan and will meet fellow ministers to discuss including it in next year’s budget in the coming weeks.

Speaking to the Irish Daily Mail, Minsiter Varadkar said:

“I do think it is a good idea. If someone loses their job and they have been paying into the PRSI system for a number of years then they should initially receive a higher Jobseeker’s Benefit than those who have not.”

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