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12th Jan 2022

Baby in stable condition after he was found in a bin bag

He was in the dumpster for six hours, police revealed.

A baby boy is in a stable condition after he was found in a dumpster in New Mexico.

His 18-year-old mother has been arrested and charged with attempted murder.

The baby was found by two men and a woman when they were searching through the dumpster for valuables. The little baby was found crying inside a black bin bag.

The group called the police in Hobbs, New Mexico.

In a 911 call, they told police: “We just a found a baby in the trash. He’s freezing cold and he’s… very, very, very weak.”

Police Chief August Fons said their quick reaction may have saved the baby’s life.

Speaking at a press conference on January 11th, the police chief said the baby was in the dumpster for six hours.

Fons said the mother was caught on surveillance footage from a nearby shop. She drove up to the dumpster around 2 pm and took a black bin bag out of the car. She then threw the bag in the bin and drove away.

The young mum claims she didn’t know she was pregnant until the day before she gave birth.

18-year-old Alexis Avila has been charged with attempted murder and felony child abuse. She has confessed to giving birth to her baby and abandoning him in the dumpster.

The teenager told police she “panicked, did not know what to do or who to call,” when she gave birth.

Her parents said they didn’t know she was pregnant, but believed she was suffering from stomach problems.

The abandoned baby remains in the custody of the New Mexico Children, Youth, and Families Department.

Ms Avila is due to appear in court on January 12th.