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15th Mar 2024

Parents of girl who died in sand pit tragedy speak out following daughter’s death

Kat O'Connor

The heartbroken parents of Sloan Mattingly have spoken out following their daughter’s death

The parents of Sloan Mattingly have spoken out following their little girl’s untimely passing last month. She was killed when a sand hole collapsed on her on Lauderdale-by-the Sea beach.

The girl’s parents opened up about the harrowing loss in a new interview with Good Morning America.

Her parents Therese and Jason also apologised to those who witnessed the tragic accident on the beach.

They desperately tried to pull their daughter out but she tragically passed away. Her brother managed to survive the harrowing accident.

They told the station:

“It didn’t matter that we were literally right there… It was just a hole and then there was nothing, and then it just became chaos and horror.”

“We’re the people that other parents or family members kind of roll their eyes at because we’re a little overprotective most of the time and think of everything.”

They explained that whenever you go to the beach you think of water safety and it’s your main concern.

“When we go to the beach, we think of water safety and this never, ever once crossed my mind,” they said.

Her parents tried to save their little girl but the sand was too heavy and it all happened so fast.

“Everyone tried their hardest. And unfortunately, it didn’t work out in our favor,” her dad added.

“I had her in my hands, but the weight of the sand was too much,” her dad revealed.

The parents said lifeguards should be on the beach where their daughter died.

“We would like to see changed if we can,” they said.

It took 20 minutes for rescuers to pull Sloan out but it was too late. She was pronounced dead at a hospital after the accident.

Her parents said she will be remembered as a huge Taylor Swift fan who was a “beam of light”.