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29th Sep 2022

Archie Battersbee’s mum shuts down backlash over graveside party

Kat O'Connor

She said people have accused her of having a party at the cemetery.

Archie Battersbee’s mum has addressed the backlash she faced after having ‘a party’ at her son’s graveside.

She explained that she wanted to be close to her son on her birthday, but the public slated her for the decision.

The mum shut down claims she had alcohol and music playing in the graveyard. People made complaints to Southend Council.

She stressed that she put up a gazebo because the weather forecast said it was going to rain that day.

However, members of the public believed she was having a party after spotting the gazebo.

The mum said trolls have been targetting her without knowing the full story. She stressed that all she wanted to do was be close to her son on her birthday.

She said all she had was a Starbucks coffee and some chocolates at her son’s grave.

The mum said she is being targeted because of her son’s high-profile case.

“I have even had death threats. One of the worst things that have been done was somebody left a mock noose made out of plastic.”

“They are absolutely tormenting the life out of us,” she told Southend Echo.

“If you call a Starbucks coffee and a box of milk chocolates that somebody bought me for my birthday ‘partying’, then we are guilty. Otherwise, it’s nonsense.”

Hollie’s son Archie lost his life after attempting a dangerous TikTok challenge. The 12-year-old was found unconscious at their family home in Essex in April.

He remained on life support until the end of the summer, but doctors switched the machine off in early August.

His parents fought tirelessly to keep his life support on but courts ruled against it. Archie was declared brain stem dead after his accident.

Archie’s funeral took place on September 13th in Southend.