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08th Apr 2022

Driver sentenced to just 6 years in prison after killing 18-day-old baby

Ciaran was only 18 days old when he died.

A 35-year-old man has been sentenced to just 6 years in prison after he killed an 18-month-old baby boy.

James Paul Davis was driving without insurance.

He was also driving twice the speed limit when he crashed his car into baby Ciaran Leigh Morris.

Baby Ciaran was on his first-ever outing in his pram when the crash occurred.

Mr. Davis collided with another car and then mounted the pavement before crashing into Ciaran’s pram.

Wolverhampton Crown Court found Mr. Davis guilty of causing death by dangerous driving.

He will serve 6 and a half years in prison.

His car pinned the baby’s pram against a shop when it crashed. He then fled the scene and was heard telling a passerby that he had killed a baby.

After fleeing the scene, he then phoned police and claimed he passed out at the wheel because he was suffering from a coughing fit.

The devastating crash occurred on Easter Sunday in 2021.

Mr. Davis had cannabis in his system, but it was below the legal limit. He was arrested at his girlfriend’s house shortly after the accident.

Davis was also using his phone while driving.

He told officers, “I ain’t killed no one on purpose”.

The court heard that Mr. Davis was “fully fit, heavily built and he was clear-headed enough to invent an excuse”.

He denied all charges including causing death by dangerous driving.

Ciaran’s parents Cameron and Codie’s hearts are completely shattered.

Their son was rushed to the hospital, but he sadly died just hours later.

His parents paid tribute to him after the hearing. They stated, “Ciaran our precious baby boy, in the short time he was with us, was loved so much.”

“Our lives will never be the same without him.”