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22nd Apr 2022

Mother, stepfather and teen found guilty of killing 5-year-old Logan Mwangi

Kat O'Connor

5-year-old Logan was found dead in a river last summer.

The mother of Logan Mwangi has been found guilty of murdering him.

The jury found his mother Angharad Williamson guilty of murder. Stepfather John Cole and a 14-year-old teenager were also found guilty.

The teenager cannot be named because of legal reasons.

Young Logan’s body was found dead in a river in Wales last July.

The boy had suffered a severe number of injuries, including damage to his liver caused by a severe blow to his torso.

It is believed he had suffered 56 different injuries before he died.

Experts confirmed Logan’s injuries were consistent with child abuse.


He reportedly suffered 56 severe injuries in the days or even hours before he was killed.

Police found the 5-year-old’s body in the River Ogmore.

He was wearing his dinosaur pajamas when police found him submerged in the water.

He was just 250m from his home.

The jury believes this may have been a racially motivated murder.

According to reports, Cole was a former member of the National Front. Two of his ex-co-workers claimed he killed the young boy because he was of mixed race.

The court was told that Cole called the 5-year-old racist names.

“He was a child of mixed race and it is relevant to a dehumanising attitude towards Logan and treating him differently to other children in the house,” the court was told.