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24th Aug 2023

Lucy Letby’s parents want to move closer to her prison following life sentence

Kat O'Connor

Lucy Letby will remain in prison for the rest of her life.

Lucy Letby was sentenced to life in prison this week after she was found guilty of murdering seven babies. The former nurse will serve a life sentence in HMP Low Newton in Durham.

Her parents are reportedly planning on moving home to be closer to their daughter.

Jonathan and Susan Letby will reportedly leave Hereford and move closer to their daughter’s prison.

A neighbour told MailOnline:

“At first, they spent all their time at the back of the house and never even answered the phone. This is a friendly cul-de-sac and people do feel for them.

“But I guess there will always be a bit of finger-pointing, and more so as new people move in who never knew John and Susan.”

Her parents are reportedly standing by their daughter even after she was found guilty of murdering seven babies and attempting to murder six others.

Letby will have protection in prison, according to sources.

A source told The Daily Star:

“She will have protection and in six months or 12 months’ time, that girl will be sitting there if you go to the library or she could possibly be serving you dinner.”

“She will be treated like royalty,” the source claimed.

“All these prisons have a wing for pedophiles and kiddy killers because they would get beaten up on any other wing,” they shared.