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24th Aug 2023

‘Very proud’ – Rosanna Davison gets emotional as her twins start preschool

Kat O'Connor

Rosanna Davison’s twin boys are growing up so fast.

Rosanna Davison marked quite a major milestone this week after her twins started preschool. The mum shared the emotional news on Instagram by posting an adorable photo of her hugging her three children.

She said there were a lot of tears but excitement on the twins’ first day.

The mum-of-three said: “The big day has arrived! There were tears from Hugo but the others were so excited.”


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Rosanna explained that her son Hugo is incredibly close to her so he found it difficult being away from his mum.

She explained: “Hugo is very attached to me and cries even when I walk out of the room at home, so I’ve been most anxious about him.

Rosanna said having such a quiet house was quite a shock to the system, but she is excited about this new chapter.

“Strange to get back to a quiet house. Looking forward to hearing all about their first day when I collect them in a few hours. Very proud mum today.”

Fellow mums agreed that the first day is always an emotional rollercoaster but the kids will settle down in no time.

One said: “Awwww they’ll come on so well and make all their new little buddies.”

Another added: “My little boy was the very same. The playschool teacher had to console both of us most mornings.”

One shared: “Some alone time – what will you do with yourself ?!”

Rosanna is a mum to daughter, Sophia and twin boys, Hugo and Oscar.