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06th Jan 2022

Mum who pretended daughter had terminal illness pleads guilty to causing her death

Kat O'Connor

Kelly Renee Turner lied about her daughter’s terminal illness.

A mother, who faked her daughter’s terminal illness, has pleaded guilty to causing her child’s death.

She also pleaded guilty to theft and charitable fraud.

Kelly Renee Turner claimed her daughter had a terminal illness from 2012.

Olivia had unnecessary medical procedures before she passed away in August 2017.

Sentencing will take place next month.

Originally, Turner was charged with first-degree murder. The mum was also accused of second-degree forgery, and an attempt to influence a public servant.

Olivia died on August 20th, 2012. Her obituary stated that the young girl died from a “rare illness”.

Her mother claimed her daughter had died from intestinal failure.

However, in 2018, an autopsy proved her daughter did not die from “intestinal failure”.

Doctors told prosecutors that Olivia did not have terminal health issues.

“She lied about Olivia’s health for financial gain and attention.”

Her cause of death was inconclusive.

Prosecutors said Olivia went through unnecessary procedures for years.

Her mother first claimed her daughter was sick in 2012.

She lied about her daughter having neurogastrointestinal encephalomyopathy.

Turner also claimed Olivia had autism. She also said her daughter suffered from seizures and had a tumour.

Prior to her daughter’s death, Turner launched a GoFundMe page and sought help from Make a Wish.

Turner received $600,000 in charitable donations and health benefits. Her husband worked for a company that would have provided health insurance for Olivia.

In 2018, a doctor grew suspicious of her when she claimed her other daughter had cancer.

She claimed her other daughter had “bone pain” due to a childhood cancer diagnosis.

However, the doctor discovered that this was a complete lie.

She lied about Olivia’s health for financial gain and attention.

The mum even sent her daughter to a hospice and signed a DNR order, despite doctors advising against it.

“This child had been submitted to a lifetime of painful, frightening tests and surgical procedures.”

The judge said these procedures “ultimately resulted in this child’s death”.

Kelly Renee Turner will be sentenced next month.

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