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29th Sep 2022

Primary schools claim they still need ‘contribution’ fee

Kat O'Connor

Do you pay the ‘voluntary’ contribution fee?

Primary schools have claimed they’ll still need the contribution fee despite subsidies awarded in this week’s budget.

Despite the subsidies, schools stressed that they will still need parents to pay the voluntary contribution fee.

Both primary and secondary schools will be given a €90 million grant to cover their bills, including heating, energy, and lighting.

Earlier this summer, Barnardos stressed that it was time for the fee to be removed from schools as parents and guardians struggle with the rising cost of living.

Parents have slated the fee for years with many saying it puts even more pressure on families during back-to-school season.

However, the Catholic Primary School Management Association said the grant won’t cover everything. The voluntary fee will help schools cover the remaining costs.

HerFamily readers recently slated the fees and said it is time for the government to offer more financial support to schools.

One mum said parents are already paying enough to send their children to school.

“It’s about time that necessities are provided by the government, and not through ‘voluntary’ contributions,” one mum said.

Another added, “It’s an absolute disgrace that parents have to contribute this on top of paying for crested uniforms!”

“Total madness to say there is free education in Ireland.”

Budget 2023 confirmed that parents will no longer pay for primary school books.