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05th Feb 2017

Now There’s A Serious Broccoli Shortage

Rebecca Keane

I know many children who won’t be too upset about this news, but I for one will miss broccoli should it die out.

Earlier this week we heard of the tragedy that is the spinach shortage and just yesterday we heard of a gin shortage crisis being narrowly averted. (Phew.)

Well, it looks like the latest thing to be threatened with extinction is broccoli.

According to Metro, it’s said Tesco have been finding it difficult to source green vegetables of all sorts with signs being spotted around shops saying:

“Due to continued weather problems in Spain there is a shortage of iceberg lettuce.

To protect the availability to all our customers, we are limiting bulk purchases to three per person.”

It’s thought there’s been a drought in Spain which had a knock-on effect on crops while Turkey and Greece have also had their crops ruined by ailing weather conditions.

The main vegetables affected by this drought in Spain are broccoli, spinach and lettuce.

Twitter users were quick to mourn thoughts of the loss of their beloved broccoli.

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