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25th Apr 2018

Parents are seriously divided over this sex education book for kids

It’s meant to be “funny, frank and embarrassment-free”.

A sex education book for young children has divided parents, wth some feeling that it is “inappropriate”.

The book, called The Amazing True Story of How Babies Are Made, describes sex as being a “jigsaw puzzle” … and it’s facing criticism form parents who feel it is too graphic.

The picture book by Fiona Katauskas is described as being “funny, frank and embarrassment-free” – and has sparked an insane reaction from parents on social media.

Alongside the super-detailed explanations, the pictures show everything from a couple having sex to some more…intricate diagrams.

After the book was shared on Facebook over the weekend, some parents said it was far too explicit.

One person said:

“Seriously this is inappropriate to be in a kids section.”

Another added:

“There is a classification for watching TV in what age groups can see.

“Why the f**k is this book shelved for children, it’s on ground level.”

Meanwhile, other parents were quick to defend the picture book.

One mum wrote:

“Parents buy books like this for kids as a way of teaching them, if you don’t want to buy it, don’t buy it.

“There is nothing on the cover that a child would see that is in any way upsetting, and personally I would rather show my kids a book like this than have the big brother of the kid across the road tell them all the details (as happened to me aged 6).”

A different parent simply said:

“What is the issue? There is nothing wrong with the truth.”