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19th May 2015

Photographers warn over potential dangers of creative newborn portraits

Sive O'Brien

Parents are being urged to be aware of photographers attempting to produce creative newborn photoshoots without following the correct techniques and safety procedures.

The warning comes after two new mums were left horrified by a photoshoot where one baby rolled off a posing stand, and another baby’s head was allowed to drop into its hands to create a pose.

“These images should only be created using edited, composite shots, where two or more images are morphed together to allow the baby to be held gently in position and kept safe at all times,” explains Victoria Mackenzie – a Scottish-based newborn photographer from Scotland and member of the Baby and Newborn Photography Association.

Keen to highlight the issue, she told The Northern Times, “Sadly there are photographers out there who are not properly trained in newborn photography but still think they can easily recreate the images they have seen others do.

“Without proper training, it can be very easy to put the baby into a situation where they could be seriously harmed,” she adds.

Although the newborn photography industry isn’t regulated, it is hoped that by raising awareness, the risk of any more babies being harmed will be reduced.