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12th Dec 2016

Poo Selfies Are The New Way To Overshare

Alison Bough

In a year that has seen oversharing taken to new levels by parenting bloggers, we may have just hit a new low. Say hello to the poo selfie…

Sophie Cachia, who blogs as @theyoungmummy and has a tagline that reads “boobs, pubes and all”, recently posted a sweet photo of herself cuddling her little boy. But the truth behind the image may not smell as sweet. The honest mama wrote:

“To the naked eye, this looks like your standard cute photo of Bobby & I. This photo was in fact captured whilst I was taking a poo. Just thought I’d let you all know. Especially for all those planning on having children soon. This. Is. Your. Life.”

Our other favourite Queen of Honesty, Constance Hall, wasn’t shying away from bathroom blogging either as she posted a mommy-child cuddle selfie to her Instagram captioned

“Having my morning poo. Fml”

Having my morning poo. Fml

A photo posted by constanceandtribe (@mrsconstancehall) on

Not everyone was too sure about the latest oversharing developments with one comment from Laura Leathem writing:

“I’m not sure we really did to share pics of ourselves having a shit to prove how constant motherhood is but each to their own!”

Pretty much sums it up for us too Laura.

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