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22nd Oct 2017

The Ray D’Arcy Show recreated The Den last night and people LOVED it

'90s kids will love this too.
The Den

’90s kids will love this too.

These days kids have so many different shows to choose from. If they’re not on TV, then you can find them online. It’s the dream for parents.

For us, however, when we were little, we only had a few options. Luckily, one of those was The Den, which is still one of the best children’s TV shows ever made.

First fronted by Ian Dempsey, and then by Ray D’Arcy, it was the only thing we wanted to watch. Together with their sidekicks, Dustin the Turkey, Sockie and Zig and Zag, they kept us entertained.

So, naturally, when Ray D’Arcy was joined by Dustin, on his Saturday night, in a recreated version of the iconic set, people were very happy.

The pair took a trip down memory showing their favourite clips from the show and reminisced about the good times.

People were loving it.